New Vapor-Static Equipment Will Boost Red Mesa’s CBD and CBG Extraction Efficiency, Lower Operating Costs and Leverage Sustainability

Red Mesa Science & Refining, in its quest to lead the market and help establish industry best practices, is the first industrial-scale hemp processor to purchase Boulder Creek Technologies solventless Vapor-Static™ 5000 to produce distillation-ready concentrates directly from biomass. At Red Mesa, we intend to capitalize on this cutting-edge extraction technology to demonstrate a profound improvement in process optimization, workplace safety, cost reductions and sustainability.

Incorporating Vapor-Static™ Extraction technology into our manufacturing process will create greater overall output for Red Mesa Science & Refining and eliminate expensive and hazardous solvents from the extraction process, significantly reducing environmental impact. The solventless extraction technology, combined with the absence of high pressure is ideally aligned with our prioritization of workplace safety.

Red Mesa will begin processing at the rate of up to 5,000 pounds of hemp daily to produce highly refined concentrated forms of CBD and CBG oil with no sugars, no chlorophyll and low wax content, with the added bonus of transforming spent biomass into solvent-less raw material for future input. The recycling of input material, together with the energy efficiency operation, allows us to reduce our carbon footprint to help care for our planet.

The environmentally conscious aspect of this technology aligns with Red Mesa’s plan to fully use the hemp plant to create something of value and to help mitigate the thousands of tons of waste we see each year within the industry.

Red Mesa will set a precedent in the hemp industry with improved extraction methodologies to produce high-quality CBD raw ingredients with minimal environmental impact. Implementation of this all-in-one continuous solvent-less extraction system will transpire over the coming months.


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