PURAURA Naturals CBD Positively Impacts Well-Being

Radicle ACES Study Shows 70 percent improvement in participants

Green Rock Hemp Holdings, a vertically integrated grower, processor and marketer of hemp derivatives, has released the results of the Radicle ACES Brand Insight Report on its PURAURA Naturals Premium Tincture. PURAURA Naturals, an Enhanced Botanicals brand, recently participated in the groundbreaking Radicle ACES (Advancing CBD Education and Science) study, which was the largest and most comprehensive randomized controlled trial of its kind.

Over the course of four weeks, the rigorous study tracked consumption and effectiveness of orally ingested CBD products across a diverse population of nearly 3,000 participants and 13 brands, and assessed well-being, quality of life, longer-term pain, sleep quality, and feelings of anxiety using validated, standardized health indices. “As we anticipated, the results demonstrated that participants who took the PURAURA Premium Tincture throughout the study period experienced significant improvement in well-being, anxiety, sleep quality and pain compared to the control group,” stated Joseph Cachey, Chief Executive Officer, Green Rock Hemp Holdings.

Key findings show that study participants assigned to the PURAURA Premium Tincture reported a 70 percent improvement in well-being, as assessed by the World Health Organization (WHO)-5 Well Being Index; a 49 percent decrease in anxiety, measured using the Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)-7 scale; a 27 percent improvement in sleep quality, measured using the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS™) Sleep Disturbance SF 8B scale; and a 25 percent decrease in pain, which was measured using the PEG-3 Scale. Participants experienced the most significant improvements during the first week of use, and generally reported effect onset one to four hours after using the product.

“The ACES study was driven by our deep commitment to contribute to the body of scientific data in the CBD market,” stated Pelin Thorogood, Co-founder and Executive Chair of Radicle Science. “This rigorous study provides objective health outcome data for a variety of common health conditions, with the potential to offer unprecedented guidance on CBD effectiveness based on demographic or behavioral differences.”

“The Radicle ACES study illustrates that PURAURA Naturals Premium Tincture can provide tremendous benefit and improve overall well-being for those suffering from sleep disturbances, anxiety, and pain,” Cachey concluded. “Our commitment to both quality and transparency is precisely why customers trust PURAURA Naturals.”

To learn more about PURAURA Naturals, please visit: puraura-naturals.com. And, for more background on Radicle ACES methodology and additional insights from collaborators and experts involved in the study, see this Radicle Resources article.

Sand Hollow Championship Course Earns Golfweek Accolades

For the second year in a row, Sand Hollow Resort’s Championship Course was named one of Golfweek’s Top 200 Modern Golf Courses; ranking in the 155th position. This list of 200 courses consists of golf courses that were built in or after 1960 in the United States.“We are honored by this recognition and thrilled to be included in a ranking of some of the most prestigious golf courses in the country,” stated Adam Jasperson, General Manager, Operations. “Our team works tirelessly to maintain a beautiful course and ensure an outstanding golf experience.”

Over the past several years, Sand Hollow Resort’s Championship Course has amassed a number of impressive rankings, including ranking first on Golf Magazine’s Best Utah Golf Courses; 56th on Golfweek’s 2019 Top 100 Courses You Can Play; 41stt on Golfweek’s Top 100 Resort Courses; and 156th on Golfweek’s 2020 Top 200 Modern Courses.

“The Championship Course offers an unsurpassed golf experience, and it’s fulfilling to see that golf experts appreciate the unsurpassed beauty and challenge the course offers,” stated Robert Roche, co-owner of the Sand Hollow Resort and President of Roche Enterprises. “I am proud of the Sand Hollow team, who have worked tirelessly to earn this recognition year after year.”

Golfweek’s rankings are determined by members of their course-ratings panel who continually evaluate courses and rate them based on 10 criteria. The overall ratings on each course are averaged to produce a final rating for each course (Sand Hollow Resort received an overall rating of 6.81.) Each course is then ranked against other courses, on a national level, to produce the final rankings. Courses must receive at least 25 votes to qualify for the “top 200 Modern” list. 

To experience Sand Hollow’s Championship Course for yourself, plan your next golf adventure at:  https://sandhollowresort.com/golf/

Pronto Corporation analyzes rebranding effect with human flow data

The food service industry has been greatly affected by the spread of new coronavirus infections since last year. The flow of people itself has changed drastically, and each company is being forced to review its strategy. Among them, Pronto Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Pronto Corporation) is renewing its main brand PRONTO for the first time in 20 years this spring, and is acquiring a new customer base. Pronto Corporation has adopted Datawise Area Marketer as a tool to verify the rebranding effect with data and think about the next move. It is now possible to understand not only the number of customers that has increased due to rebranding, but also the changes in the age group and average staying time, and the behavior of customers such as what kind of area they are migrating outside the store. In the future, it is said that people will be used to create stores that will continue to provide new surprises and enjoyment to customers.‍

Rebranding in the midst of corona

Rebranding in the midst of corona

Pronto Corporation was established in 1988 as a joint investment between Suntory and UCC. Modeled after an Italian bar, we have developed a double-cropping business near the station and in the business district, where you can enjoy a cafe during the day and a drink after work at night. The number of visitors decreased due to the corona disaster. Through rebranding, including the development of new formats, we have turned to de-corona and even the essential challenge of approaching the younger generation. Specifically, with the keywords from “double cropping” to “two-sidedness”, a cafe with a higher design for working men and women in their 20s and 30s during the day, and “Kissakaba” that incorporates the elements of a neo-bar at night. We have renewed the coexistence of different business formats.

Visualize the effect of rebranding using human flow data

Visualize the effect of rebranding using human flow data

First, from January 2021, test operations started at about 10 stores in Tokyo, including the PRONTO Shinagawa store and PRONTO Aoyama store. On April 10th, “PRONTO Ginza Corridor Store”, which has undergone a major renovation of the interior, appeared as a flagship store for rebranding. After April 1st, the menus, uniforms, and logos of each directly managed store have been renewed. FC owners will be asked to actually see the effects of rebranding, and they plan to renew existing stores nationwide over the next few years.

With rebranding, the number of young people has visibly increased at the PRONTO Ginza Corridor store. However, one challenge arose here. That is to “visualize and three-dimensionalize rebranding.” The number of visitors can be found by analyzing POS data, but a more specific method of grasping the gender / age structure, frequency of visits, out-of-store behavior (what other areas you are visiting), etc. is required. Was there. Therefore, we considered Datawise Area Marketer.

Use docomo statistical GPS to get a concrete grasp of your persona

Use docomo statistical GPS to get a concrete grasp of your persona

Since March 2020, Pronto Corporation has adopted the Datawise Area Marketer, which can visualize the flow of people to stores using DoCoMo statistical GPS data. Starting with the rebranded PRONTO Ginza Corridor store, we verified the effectiveness of rebranding.

“There were several similar products that sang people’s flow data. Among them, the accuracy of data using DoCoMo GPS data of 84 million members nationwide, the interface that anyone in Datawise Area Marketer can easily understand how to use, how to use people’s flow data We decided on datawise based on the datawise approach that includes up to. “

“The effect of rebranding was obvious. By analyzing the flow of people using the service, we found that rebranding clearly increased the proportion of people in their twenties. Furthermore, the frequency of visits to stores and the length of stay increased. , I was able to verify the effect of rebranding more three-dimensionally. Datawise Area Marketer visualized the customer’s persona increased by rebranding. “

By utilizing various data, we will continue to create stores that provide customers with new surprises and enjoyment.

Pronto Corporation will utilize the Datawise Area Marketer to verify the effects of rebranding at each store and further promote store reforms.

“The flow of people is still changing due to the Corona disaster. No one knows if the customer will do the same thing as this month next month. To understand the customer, look at the flow data and POS data every day. Pronto Corporation aims to continue to provide new surprises and enjoyment to customers by making hypotheses, implementing measures, and confirming the results again. To that end, customers through their own eyes I would like to change Pronto himself while knowing and objectively verifying through the data. “

For inquiries regarding this case, please click here.

Nagoya Means Business

Launching my first businesses in a foreign city and in my second language back in the 90s was truly challenging. Today, Nagoya has created an innovation ecosystem and supports small business owners and entrepreneurs by providing a solid environment for foreign entrepreneurs in Japan. I was pleased to discuss this in the latest issue of the American Chamber of Commerce Japan Journal. Here’s an excerpt:

Now more than ever, Nagoya means business. The Chubu region, and specifically the city of Nagoya, has attracted many large tech companies and manufacturers—from automotive to aerospace—because it offers a skilled and talented workforce, affordable land, and a competitive cost of living. With a dedicated focus on creating an innovation ecosystem, Japan’s fourth-largest city has become an attractive location for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Nagoya has traditionally been a center for manufacturing and industry, but as home to an innovative tech scene it is also fertile ground for startups. As an expat and a serial entrepreneur, I launched several businesses in the early 1990s, of which two are well-known today: Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc. and H&R Consultants K.K.

Oak Lawn Marketing was incorporated in Nagoya in 1993. Now, more than 30 years later, that small startup is a direct-marketing giant with more than 1,000 brick-and-mortar Shop Japan stores selling some 3,500 products in locations across the country.

Over the past three decades, I’ve managed, invested in, or founded more than 50 companies around the world. I chose Nagoya as the location for Oak Lawn Marketing because it’s where I lived when I first came to Japan. As an undergraduate and law student in the United States, I participated in study abroad programs at Nanzan University, where I met my wife.

Starting a business in a foreign country—in my second language—was challenging to say the least. Today it is much easier, and there are so many solid business reasons to choose the supportive environment of Nagoya.

Big Market for Small Business

With so many people from abroad now doing business in Japan, the business community in Nagoya has become much more accustomed to working with non-Japanese. It is also very open to entrepreneurs. While Nagoya is one of Japan’s largest cities, it is somewhat off the beaten track. Yet, with 2.3 million residents, it offers a market that is large enough to develop critical mass. In addition, the cost of living is a fraction of what it is in Tokyo.

Government support for small businesses and entrepreneurship has increased incrementally over the past 20–30 years, and these enhancements all add up to creating a solid environment for foreign entrepreneurs to do business in Japan.

In addition, the government fosters entrepreneurial collaboration through communal spaces, education, and networking opportunities. These include the Nagoya Innovator’s Garage, created by the Central Japan Economic Federation and Nagoya City, as well as Nagoya Connéct, powered by Venture Café Tokyo.

Local universities also provide educational and networking opportunities, while organizations—such as the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s Chubu chapter—offer outstanding opportunities for networking and mentorship.

Startup Ecosystem

Recently, I participated in a government task force on startups which brought local business leaders together to enhance regional entrepreneurship and innovation by combining different fields and creating new industries. The goal is for central Japan to expand beyond manufacturing into other industries.

I learned that, in 2019, startups in Aichi Prefecture raised the third-largest amount of funds in Japan. The abundance of ideas, technologies, and support services necessary for startups to grow is providing a tailwind for new businesses. Large companies based in Nagoya are instrumental in supporting the startup ecosystem, and smart human resources are further driving the local economy and actively engaging in innovation activities.

In 2020, Aichi–Nagoya was named a “startup ecosystem global hub city” by the Cabinet Office. This ecosystem aims to realize growth that drives the Japanese economy, and the creation of startups and new industries continues to promote innovation in this central region of Japan.

Government and local business leaders, as well as universities, are working together to form a globally cohesive innovation and startup ecosystem by utilizing the deep tech and manufacturing knowledge that is the strength of the region.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I’m excited about the opportunities offered to a new generation of dreamers and doers. There has never been a better time to start a business, nor a better place to do it than Nagoya!

PURAURA Naturals to Participate in Groundbreaking CBD Study

Radicle ACES investigates CBD efficacy

Green Rock Hemp Holdings, a vertically integrated grower, processor and marketer of hemp derivatives, recently announced that PURAURA Naturals, an Enhanced Botanicals brand, will be participating in the groundbreaking Radicle ACES (Advancing CBD Education and Science) study. Using a virtual, direct to consumer approach, Radicle ACES is the largest and most comprehensive randomized controlled trial of its kind, collecting data on 13 commercial brands and nearly 3,000 participants.

During the four-week study, participants will use the Radicle Science platform to track consumption and effectiveness of orally ingested CBD products on well-being, quality of life, pain, sleep disturbance, and anxiety. Radicle ACES will use validated, standardized health indices to gather health outcome data from a diverse population across a variety of geographies, ethnicities, age groups, behavioral habits, and pre-existing health conditions.

“A rigorous scientific study of this magnitude has never before been conducted in the CBD market,” said Pelin Thorogood, Co-founder and Executive Chair of Radicle Science. “Radicle ACES is driven by our deep commitment to contribute to the body of evidence to support growing demand from consumers and healthcare providers. Given the scale, the diversity of the participant population and the wide range of high-quality commercial brands included, Radicle ACES promises to deliver rich, objective health outcome data for a variety of common health conditions, with the potential to offer unprecedented guidance on CBD effectiveness based on demographic or behavioral differences.”

“The Radicle ACES study is groundbreaking, as it will move the CBD industry from anecdotal evidence regarding product efficacy to concrete scientific data,” stated Joseph Cachey, Chief Executive Officer, Green Rock Hemp Holdings. “Radicle has unparalleled experience leading research on Cannabinoids, so the study will be based on integrity and transparency,” he added. “These are the same principles shared by Enhanced Botanicals — integrity of raw materials, transparency in ingredients and testing, and consistency in developing high quality products our customers can count on.”

The Real-World Evidence collected will inform scientific understanding on dosing, usage patterns, user characteristics, effectiveness across conditions, and predictors and modifiers of treatment response. “We’re applying science to understand the effectiveness of CBD products used by tens of millions of Americans every day,” said Jeff Chen, MD/MBA, Co-founder and CEO of Radicle Science. “We’re partnering with 13 leading CBD brands and collaborators across five top tier research universities to drive accurate, transparent, and actionable insights for all stakeholders.”

Radicle ACES findings will address the top two barriers to CBD usage identified in a 2019 Nielsen study: 1) difficulty gauging effectiveness of specific products, and 2) lack of research data on health benefits. Anonymized aggregate results will be released in October 2021.

For more background on Radicle ACES methodology and additional insights from collaborators and experts involved in the study, see this Radicle Resources article.

GeneticsCubed Patents Unique CBC Cultivar

Green Rock Hemp Holdings Introduces High-Value C2B

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is geneticscubed-pms.jpg

Green Rock Hemp Holdings recently announced that its genetics company, GeneticsCubed, has received a patent on a unique, high-CBC hemp cultivar, C2B. Cannabichromene (CBC) is a trace, high-value cannabinoid with great therapeutic potential, one of the most prominent in medical research.

“We developed the C2B strain using selective breeding and high throughput screening to create a distinct hemp genotype that consistently produces elevated levels of CBC,” stated GeneticsCubed scientist, Thomas Azwell, PhD. “Medical research has shown CBC’s role in healing different physiological processes, such as an anti-inflammatory agent, treatment for neurological disorders, and even hypothermia.”   

“This is a huge achievement and speaks to the power of our vertical and the value it creates for the hemp consumer,” stated Joseph Cachey, Chief Executive Officer, Green Rock Hemp Holdings. “Each company under the Green Rock umbrella will play an important role in bringing this strain to fruition, beginning with our genetic innovation, continuing with meticulous propagation and cultivation, and concluding with extraction at our state-of-the-art facility and distribution through our quality consumer brands.”

Following its development at GeneticsCubed, the C2B cultivar was sent to Red Dune Seed for propagation and seed production. The resulting seeds are now growing at Mesa Rising Hemp Farm in Green River, Utah, where flower will be harvested in September. Extraction and refinement will take place at Green Rock’s ISO 9001:2015-certified extraction facility, Red Mesa Science & Refining, before being sold as a raw material and distributed to end consumers by Enhanced Botanicals.

In collaboration with the University of California-Berkeley, GeneticsCubed has also completed the development of other novel medicinal strains and has additional pending patent applications. “Our family of companies are focused on being good partners dedicated to providing vertical solutions to the industrial hemp community, and these innovations ultimately benefit the end user who needs quality solutions,” concluded Cachey.

For more information, please contact: (435) 673-4125 

Gallup Land Partners Donates Right of Way to Spur Economic Growth


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The New Mexico Department of Transportation and McKinley County have begun a complete reconstruction of Carbon Coal Road located north of the City of Gallup, utilizing $23M in state capital outlay appropriations. To be constructed by Fisher Sand & Gravel, the four-lane road will connect the rail-served Gallup Energy Logistics Park with US Hwy 491. The intersection of US Hwy 491 and 9th Street/Chino Loop will be completely updated as part of this project, creating a highly desirable area with full utilities for future development. The High Desert Trail parking area will be moved and upgraded. Road construction is expected to be completed by December 2021, with US 491 road improvements targeted for Spring 2022.

To date, Gallup Land Partners, LLC (GLP) has donated 159 acres of real estate to McKinley County to spur economic growth in the region. The donation included the 250-foot wide right of way to pave Carbon Coal Road between US Hwy 491 and Gallup Energy Logistics Park that will save 20 miles off the round trip to the Four Corners / San Juan Basin. Gallup Energy Logistics Park is a 21,000 linear foot, BNSF-certified rail facility. The Carbon Coal Road bypass will also reduce traffic at US 491 and I-40, but also pull truck traffic away from the Mentmore residential area.

Our belief in Gallup is reflected in our investments in the area, and we are thrilled to help develop and grow the northwest region of New Mexico. Our partnerships with the City of Gallup, McKinley County, the New Mexico Department of Transportation, and the Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation (GGEDC), have been invaluable as we work together to bring greater opportunity to McKinley County.

Since its founding, Roche Enterprises, the parent company of Gallup Land Partners, has made investments of more than $50 million (USD) in Gallup, New Mexico, with the goal of driving economic growth and development. The company also gives back to the community through civic participation and involvement in local charities that benefit local residents.

“We are thrilled that the state recognizes the importance of this infrastructure project and it is moving forward post covid,” stated Patty Lundstrom, Executive Director of the Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation. “Gallup Land Partners has been a valued member of the business community since 2013, and this donation is another indication of their commitment to and partnership with the county.”

Top Chef Joe Flamm’s “Rose Mary” Opening in Chicago

If you’re from my hometown of Chicago, or visiting the Windy City soon, I want to share news about the opening of my nephew, Joe Flamm’s, new restaurant, Rose Mary, in the Fulton Market neighborhood. Joe appeared on Top Chef in 2018 and was the season 15 winner. My mom even made a guest appearance on the show…it was an exciting time for all of us!

Formerly the chef at Spiaggia, Joe has been working on his new restaurant for the past few years, but of course, Covid disrupted his plans a bit. The restaurant features a Croatian-Italian menu, inspired by my family’s Italian background and Joe’s trips along Croatia’s Adriatic coast with his wife, Hillary, who is Croatian.  The name, Rose Mary, pays homage to Joe’s paternal grandmother, the late Mary Rose, and my mom, Mary, who instilled Joe’s love for cooking and Italian food. And, of course, the herb Rosemary is a big part of the cuisine, not to mention a sign of good luck!

Anyway, check out the website at Rosemarychicago.com. I understand reservations are hard to come by right now, but I hope you’ll visit Rose Mary at some point. I can’t wait to check it out the next time I’m in town!

PURAURA Naturals Launches Innovative Business Model

Experience the benefits of CBD free of charge!

PURAURA Naturals, an Enhanced Botanicals brand, has launched an innovative business model, offering a product (equal to a one-month supply) free to customers who complete a CBD lifestyle questionnaire. The company, part of the Green Rock Hemp Holdings family of businesses, is fulfilling its commitment to revolutionize the CBD industry through transparency, integrity, and community.

PURAURA believes in building long-term relationships with its customers, and that the best way for consumers to determine if CBD works for them is to try it first, so we allow our customers to try our products absolutely free – no strings attached.

After completing the questionnaire that helps identify the product most suited to their unique needs, customers receive their initial product free, with the option to continue receiving future supplies via a monthly subscription. The company is confident that once people experience their products, PURAURA will become their brand of choice.

PURAURA products, including tinctures, gummies, topicals, and capsules, are crafted with the highest quality, care, and transparency by combining a simple respect for nature with the most updated technology available. The products are currently being introduced in China. “CBD has tremendous potential in the China market, and we are excited to give consumers an opportunity to try it at no cost ,” stated Jake Fisch, CEO of Acorn International, a sister company to Green Rock Hemp Holdings. As a direct marketing leader in China, Acorn will support the product launch. 

“We are passionate about raising awareness about CBD and how it can genuinely enhance lives,” explained Joseph Cachey, CEO Green Rock Hemp Holdings, the parent company of Enhanced Botanicals. “Many consumers are genuinely curious about CBD, but don’t know where to turn, so this approach allows them to experience the benefits of CBD at no initial cost and join our community of CBD enthusiasts.”

For more information, or to complete the lifestyle questionnaire and receive your free product, visit https://shop.puraura-naturals.com/free-a.

Biden names Kurt Campbell Deputy Assistant to the President and Coordinator for Indo-Pacific Affairs

Congratulations to my friend and partner, Dr. Kurt Campbell on his appointment as the Deputy Assistant to the President and Coordinator for Indo-Pacific Affairs on the National Security Council. He has recently served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Asia Group.

Kurt M. Campbell | Center for a New American Security (en-US)

At this challenging time in our nation’s history, Kurt’s decision to support President Biden and Vice President Harris in crafting U.S. strategy and advancing U.S. interests in Asia is commendable. This appointment is a clear signal that the U.S. foreign policy with China will return to a less emotional and more rational state. I have worked alongside Kurt for many years and am confident he will help advance U.S. interests in the Indo-Pacific region.