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Lake Erie Crushers and the Moneyball of climate change: Robert Roche (Opinion)

Cleveland Plain Dealer, Published: June 12, 2015

The beginning of the season is an exciting time of year for our local Lake Erie Crushers – for the players and fans, of course, but also here in the back office. You have to operate a professional baseball team like the business that it is, or there won’t be any more afternoons at the park with Grandpa and some Cracker Jack.

Robert Roche Interview with News Certified Exchange

Published: September 30, 2o13

A New Relationship for China and the United States

Center for American Progress, Published: June 6, 2013

As the two largest economies in the world, economic issues such as trade disputes and intellectual-property rights are, of course, also fertile grounds for discussion. And as the world’s two biggest energy consumers and greenhouse gas emitters, energy and climate cooperation could certainly be on the agenda as well, though these issues will likely feature more prominently at the July Strategic and Economic Dialogue meeting than at this presidential summit.

How Can We Put the Immigration System to Work for a 21st Century Economy?

Huffington Post, Published: May 13, 2013

For centuries, the U.S. has attracted the best and brightest immigrants. But today’s system of quotas, caps and mixed priorities blocks or discourages entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers at a time when our economy needs them most. We must increase the number of skilled workers we admit each year. While we are at it, let’s also change how they’re selected and where they go.

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