The Cara Program Annual Gala Will Celebrate 5,400 Chicagoans Who Have Bettered Their Lives Through Cara

The Cara Program hosted its annual gala celebrating the program graduates who have been placed in jobs in conjunction with the organization.

The Cara Program is a Chicago-based nonprofit that provides job training and placement services for city residents impacted by homelessness and poverty. The organization holds its annual gala on March 31st at Morgan MFG in Chicago celebrating more than 5,400 Cara graduates who have been placed in jobs since the organization opened its doors.

Cara was founded in 1991 by Chicago philanthropist Tom Owens and serves individuals who face conditions that make it difficult for them to find quality jobs and stay employed. In addition to offering professional development and employment placement, Cara also offers personal development opportunities. These services equip individuals with the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and empower them to make impactful changes within their own lives.

Cara’s annual gala will recognize community partners who have supported the organization and its graduates and will honor the many individuals Cara has served. Among those accepting honors at the Gala will be businessman Neil Bluhm, owner of Rivers Casino. He and Greg Carlin, CEO of Rush Street Gaming, the company that operates the casino, will be recognized for working with Cara graduates. Over the past five years, the Casino has hired 26 individuals who have graduated from Cara’s job training programs.

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Cachet Hospitality Group Recognizes Women Leaders in the Hospitality Industry

Cachet Hospitality Group honors the women a part of their leadership team in celebration of International Women’s Day.

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Cachet Hospitality Group published a post on their website honoring the women on the company’s leadership team. Women who were recognized included senior level managers Meredith Gelacak Mulligan, President of Hotel Operations-Americas, Kimy Chen, President of Southeast Asia, Lei Li, General Counsel, Yvonne Choi, Chief Marketing Officer, Pauline Choo, Managing Director of Design, Nicole Hendrix, Director of Operations – Americas and Jessie Li – Vice President of Business Development – Asia.

Cachet Hospitality Group, one of the Asia-Pacific’s leading international hospitality branding and management companies, has the most gender-diverse executive team of any Asian-based company in their industry. Women represent more than half of the company’s senior management team.

According to Accor and Diageo, women make up half of Asia’s workforce. However, in the hotel and hospitality industry, women represent only 20% of managerial positions and less the 10% of General Manager positions. While there is progress being made toward equal gender representation in the industry’s leadership, companies like CHG have recognized that more work needs to be done.

In their International Women’s Day post, CHG stated that they have made working towards gender equality a priority within their own business. The company has set a goal for women in company management positions to reflect the representation of women in the overall workforce. CHG has hotels and restaurants in Southeast Asia and China, and in North America in the U.S. and Mexico, and plans to foster the growth of women in management positions in all of their locations. CHG is working to achieve this goal by providing mentorship and growth opportunities for women in the company, and growing the pipeline for the next generation of women leaders in the hospitality industry.

Gallup Energy Logistics Park (GELP) Receives National Certification for Development Potential

New Mexico announces their selection by GELP to develop their railway system.

In January 2017, BNSF Railway Company selected Gallup Energy Logistics Park (GELP) in Gallup, NM as one of six new certified rail sites, recognized for its development potential. The BNSF Site Certification program not only recognizes these sites for their growth potential but also features them on certain BNSF marketing materials and helps connect them with new economic development opportunities.

GELP is one of two New Mexico certified sites, joining Central New Mexico Rail Park in Los Lunas, NM. Four other sites named in January include AgriTech Park in Great Falls, MT, Ameripointe Logistics Park in Ardmore, OK, Commerce Center of Southeast Iowa in Middletown, IA and John W. Kelsey Business and Technology Park in Greenville, IL. These six newly-certified sites are among only ten sites nationwide.

According to a press release from BNSF Railways, factors that were analyzed while making the site selection included the availability of utilities and public services, site access to highways, proper industrial zoning and land ownership and transparency. GELP was selected because of its central location, existing and planned state investment and a planned expansion of up to 2,500 acres.
On February 9, 2017, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez announced the selection of GELP and Central New Mexico Rail Park and recognized the potential the Gallup site brought to the state’s economic development opportunities. Governor Martinez noted that one of the state’s top priorities is becoming a leader in commerce and trade, and stated the value of the certification in helping New Mexico become a leader in national and international business.

Cachet Boutique New York Hotel to Debut in Spring 2017

A Cachet Boutique hotel is planning to open in Manhattan in Spring 2017.

In January 2017, Merchants Hospitality, Inc. and Cachet Hospitality Group (CHG) entered into an agreement to open Cachet Boutique New York Hotel in Manhattan during Spring of 2017. Located in midtown Manhattan on West 42nd St., the hotel will open in an important cultural center of the city with close proximity to Times Square, Broadway theaters, the Javits Convention Center, Central Park, Madison Square Garden and more social and cultural destinations.

Cachet Boutique New York will be the first Cachet Boutique in the United States, and its opening marks the continued expansion of the brand into North America. The Cachet Boutique brand has locations across the Asia-Pacific in China and Thailand.

Meredith Gelacak, Cachet Hospitality Group’s President of Hotel Operations-America, stated in a press release that Cachet was honored to be partnering with Merchants Hospitality and bringing the brand to New York City.

Cachet Boutique New York will feature a signature farm-to-table bar and restaurant, an indoor-outdoor wine terrace and outdoor wellness area, as well as the Cachet brand’s signature luxury and technology offerings within guestrooms. Hotel renovations will be completed in Spring 2017, with interior renovations being led by Cachet Interior Design (CID).



Cachet Hospitality Group Partners With Wahlburgers to Expand Burger Chain Into Asia

Cachet Hospitality Group partners with the Whalburgers chain in their expansion into the Asia Pacific market.


The burger chain Wahlburgers, run by Wahlberg brothers Mark, Donnie and Paul, recently entered a partnership to expand the chain into Asia. The deal is a joint venture with Cachet Hospitality Group and businessman Farooq Arjomand, an investor in Cachet. Wahlburgers is headquartered in Massachusetts and currently operates locations across the U.S. and Canada. This deal with Cachet Hospitality will help open 100 new stores throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Wahlburgers opened its first store in Hingham, MA in 2011 and has since opened 12 more locations. This venture will be the company’s first outside of North America. The expansion will begin with the opening of three initial stores in the Chinese cities of Shanghai, Hong Kong and Wuhan.

“This combines perfectly with the explosive popularity of international restaurant brands in China’s malls and airports, opening the door to tremendous opportunity for Wahlburgers and our Asia Pacific joint venture,” Cachet Hospitality Group’s CEO Alexander Mirza said in a news release announcing the deal.

Wahlburgers CEO Rick Vanzura told the Boston Globe he was confident the chain would thrive based on the Wahlburgers experience and products, even in parts of the world where the Wahlberg name has less recognition. In an interview with City Weekend, Mark Wahlberg explained that while menus in the new locations would be adapted to satisfy local tastes, the core Wahlburgers experience would remain the same. “Our partners and we agree that, at its core, what we need to deliver is a Wahlburgers experience built around our core products,” said Wahlberg.

Cachet Hospitality Group is a Shanghai-based hospitality branding and management company. The group operates primarily in the Asia Pacific and North America. Cachet has already signed deals to secure the opening of new Wahlburgers locations in Asia and will continue to drive the expansion and development of the American chain in the region.