Pronto Corporation analyzes rebranding effect with human flow data

The food service industry has been greatly affected by the spread of new coronavirus infections since last year. The flow of people itself has changed drastically, and each company is being forced to review its strategy. Among them, Pronto Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Pronto Corporation) is renewing its main brand PRONTO for the first time in 20 years this spring, and is acquiring a new customer base. Pronto Corporation has adopted Datawise Area Marketer as a tool to verify the rebranding effect with data and think about the next move. It is now possible to understand not only the number of customers that has increased due to rebranding, but also the changes in the age group and average staying time, and the behavior of customers such as what kind of area they are migrating outside the store. In the future, it is said that people will be used to create stores that will continue to provide new surprises and enjoyment to customers.‍

Rebranding in the midst of corona

Rebranding in the midst of corona

Pronto Corporation was established in 1988 as a joint investment between Suntory and UCC. Modeled after an Italian bar, we have developed a double-cropping business near the station and in the business district, where you can enjoy a cafe during the day and a drink after work at night. The number of visitors decreased due to the corona disaster. Through rebranding, including the development of new formats, we have turned to de-corona and even the essential challenge of approaching the younger generation. Specifically, with the keywords from “double cropping” to “two-sidedness”, a cafe with a higher design for working men and women in their 20s and 30s during the day, and “Kissakaba” that incorporates the elements of a neo-bar at night. We have renewed the coexistence of different business formats.

Visualize the effect of rebranding using human flow data

Visualize the effect of rebranding using human flow data

First, from January 2021, test operations started at about 10 stores in Tokyo, including the PRONTO Shinagawa store and PRONTO Aoyama store. On April 10th, “PRONTO Ginza Corridor Store”, which has undergone a major renovation of the interior, appeared as a flagship store for rebranding. After April 1st, the menus, uniforms, and logos of each directly managed store have been renewed. FC owners will be asked to actually see the effects of rebranding, and they plan to renew existing stores nationwide over the next few years.

With rebranding, the number of young people has visibly increased at the PRONTO Ginza Corridor store. However, one challenge arose here. That is to “visualize and three-dimensionalize rebranding.” The number of visitors can be found by analyzing POS data, but a more specific method of grasping the gender / age structure, frequency of visits, out-of-store behavior (what other areas you are visiting), etc. is required. Was there. Therefore, we considered Datawise Area Marketer.

Use docomo statistical GPS to get a concrete grasp of your persona

Use docomo statistical GPS to get a concrete grasp of your persona

Since March 2020, Pronto Corporation has adopted the Datawise Area Marketer, which can visualize the flow of people to stores using DoCoMo statistical GPS data. Starting with the rebranded PRONTO Ginza Corridor store, we verified the effectiveness of rebranding.

“There were several similar products that sang people’s flow data. Among them, the accuracy of data using DoCoMo GPS data of 84 million members nationwide, the interface that anyone in Datawise Area Marketer can easily understand how to use, how to use people’s flow data We decided on datawise based on the datawise approach that includes up to. “

“The effect of rebranding was obvious. By analyzing the flow of people using the service, we found that rebranding clearly increased the proportion of people in their twenties. Furthermore, the frequency of visits to stores and the length of stay increased. , I was able to verify the effect of rebranding more three-dimensionally. Datawise Area Marketer visualized the customer’s persona increased by rebranding. “

By utilizing various data, we will continue to create stores that provide customers with new surprises and enjoyment.

Pronto Corporation will utilize the Datawise Area Marketer to verify the effects of rebranding at each store and further promote store reforms.

“The flow of people is still changing due to the Corona disaster. No one knows if the customer will do the same thing as this month next month. To understand the customer, look at the flow data and POS data every day. Pronto Corporation aims to continue to provide new surprises and enjoyment to customers by making hypotheses, implementing measures, and confirming the results again. To that end, customers through their own eyes I would like to change Pronto himself while knowing and objectively verifying through the data. “

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