Will The Debt Ceiling Be Raised?

Introduction of Robert Roche’s op-ed for Huffington Post on the United States current debt ceiling crisis.

Recently, Robert Roche authored an op-ed discussing the United States’ distinct need to raise the country’s debt ceiling. He noted that the United States’ Treasury Department projects the debt limit could be reached as early as September 29th. Should this happen, the government will be unable to borrow money to pay the bills for expenses it approved in last year’s budget.

Roche discusses why raising the debt ceiling is a must-pass scenario. The United States’ government is better off borrowing more to pay its outstanding bills than not paying them at all. For the benefit of the United States’ credibility, and for the millions of Americans relying on government services, Congress must pass a clean extension of the debt ceiling well in advance of the October deadline.

To view Robert Roche’s full Op-Ed on Huffington Post, click here.


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