Gallup Energy Logistics Park Offers Affordable Oil Storage Option

rail car 1The U.S. is facing looming challenges regarding the storage of excess crude oil. Business shut downs, travel bans, and social distancing due to the COVID-19 health crisis have created a significant surplus, and global oil demand is falling as much as 8 to 9 million barrels per day. This has obviously created storage issues, with many U.S. facilities expect to reach maximum capacity in the coming weeks. A recent Wall Street Journal article pointed to rail cars as an innovative option for storing excess crude oil. With 11,000 linear feet of privately-owned rail track available in Gallup, New Mexico, Gallup Energy Logistics Park provides a viable solution for affordable, long-term oil storage. 

Contact General Manager Martin O’Malley at 505 399-3111 for additional information. 


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