UC-Berkeley CITRUS Foundry Promotes Innovation

I was recently named a CITRIS Foundry Mentor by the University of California – Berkeley. CITRIS Foundry, which is embedded in the premier research institution, helps innovators and entrepreneurs from the University of California-Berkeley make a significant impact on the world by tackling problems in industries ranging from cleantech to medical devices to consumer products and software. The group leverages the incredible resources and expertise at UC Berkeley, to bring innovation to market and society through coaching, access to labs, funding, and mentorship.

I’m thrilled to be part of this prestigious program which helps young entrepreneurs leverage one of the best research and startup ecosystems on the planet. If it weren’t for the advice and mentoring I received throughout my career, I would not be where I am today. I look forward to serving as a CITRIS Foundry mentor.

To learn more about the program, visit: citrisfoundry.org.


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