Cachet Hospitality Group Recognizes Women Leaders in the Hospitality Industry

Cachet Hospitality Group honors the women a part of their leadership team in celebration of International Women’s Day.

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Cachet Hospitality Group published a post on their website honoring the women on the company’s leadership team. Women who were recognized included senior level managers Meredith Gelacak Mulligan, President of Hotel Operations-Americas, Kimy Chen, President of Southeast Asia, Lei Li, General Counsel, Yvonne Choi, Chief Marketing Officer, Pauline Choo, Managing Director of Design, Nicole Hendrix, Director of Operations – Americas and Jessie Li – Vice President of Business Development – Asia.

Cachet Hospitality Group, one of the Asia-Pacific’s leading international hospitality branding and management companies, has the most gender-diverse executive team of any Asian-based company in their industry. Women represent more than half of the company’s senior management team.

According to Accor and Diageo, women make up half of Asia’s workforce. However, in the hotel and hospitality industry, women represent only 20% of managerial positions and less the 10% of General Manager positions. While there is progress being made toward equal gender representation in the industry’s leadership, companies like CHG have recognized that more work needs to be done.

In their International Women’s Day post, CHG stated that they have made working towards gender equality a priority within their own business. The company has set a goal for women in company management positions to reflect the representation of women in the overall workforce. CHG has hotels and restaurants in Southeast Asia and China, and in North America in the U.S. and Mexico, and plans to foster the growth of women in management positions in all of their locations. CHG is working to achieve this goal by providing mentorship and growth opportunities for women in the company, and growing the pipeline for the next generation of women leaders in the hospitality industry.


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