The Cara Program Annual Gala Will Celebrate 5,400 Chicagoans Who Have Bettered Their Lives Through Cara

The Cara Program hosted its annual gala celebrating the program graduates who have been placed in jobs in conjunction with the organization.

The Cara Program is a Chicago-based nonprofit that provides job training and placement services for city residents impacted by homelessness and poverty. The organization holds its annual gala on March 31st at Morgan MFG in Chicago celebrating more than 5,400 Cara graduates who have been placed in jobs since the organization opened its doors.

Cara was founded in 1991 by Chicago philanthropist Tom Owens and serves individuals who face conditions that make it difficult for them to find quality jobs and stay employed. In addition to offering professional development and employment placement, Cara also offers personal development opportunities. These services equip individuals with the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and empower them to make impactful changes within their own lives.

Cara’s annual gala will recognize community partners who have supported the organization and its graduates and will honor the many individuals Cara has served. Among those accepting honors at the Gala will be businessman Neil Bluhm, owner of Rivers Casino. He and Greg Carlin, CEO of Rush Street Gaming, the company that operates the casino, will be recognized for working with Cara graduates. Over the past five years, the Casino has hired 26 individuals who have graduated from Cara’s job training programs.

For more information on the Cara Program, visit:


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