Cachet Hospitality Joins Strawless Ocean Movement

I am proud to announce Cachet Hospitality Group’s global participation in the “Strawless Ocean” movement, organized by the Lonely Whale organization.unnamed We are thrilled to support Adrian Grenier and his team at Lonely Whale in their efforts to bring attention to the plastic pollution issue. All CHG properties will commence to switch from plastic straws to paper straws in support of the cause.

Most people just do not think about the effects a simple plastic straw can have on the lives of generations to come. By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans, and we are eager to do our part and start to make a difference. The hospitality industry has an obligation to get behind this cause and begin reducing the amount of plastic waste it generates, and this initiative is perfectly aligned with Cachet’s mission to be the leading innovative and socially responsible hospitality company in the Asia Pacific and North America.

I encourage everyone to do their part. To learn more about the Strawless Ocean movement and the Lonely Whale organization, please visit their websites.


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