Leading With Your Gut

“Trusting my gut became life or death. If you read nothing past this line, you must take this in: We absolutely can live or die by our convictions.”

For entrepreneurs, gut instincts can often be the difference between success or failure. Every leadership book ever published includes at least one chapter on trusting your instincts. But truthfully, leading with your gut somewhat challenges human nature . . . it’s much more natural to second-guess ourselves and turn a deaf ear to our inner voice.

A couple weeks ago, one of my colleagues sent me an article, “Here’s the Real Cost of Ignoring Your Problems.” It was written by Jason Saltzman, an acquaintance of my colleague. I asked him to share it with my leadership team, and I wanted to share it here on my blog as well. Many of the people I know are entrepreneurs and have become successful by following their convictions. Many have also likely put their professional success ahead of their personal interests. This article serves as a critical wake up call. We all need to work as hard on our health as we do on our business!

I hope you take a moment to read and become inspired by this article.


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